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Why Changing Your Filter is So Important

To keep ducts, coils and your home’s air clean, proper filtration is essential. Regular cleaning and filter changes are critical to your home’s comfort and equipment’s operation.

  • Commercial quality air filters
  • Media is moisture repelling and resists supporting bacterial and mold growth
  • Four times more efficient on fine particles than mechanical only filters
  • Double wall frame construction will not break down - even in high velocity commercial system
  • Excellent air flow

  • The Hassle Free Way to Get the Right Filter Every Time
  • Never Forget to Change Your Filter With Our Monthly Filter Check Reminders
  • Breathe Fresher Air By Removing Mold Spores, Dust, Pollen, Pet Dander, and Microscopic Particles that Can Carry Bacteria and Viruses
  • Commercial Quality Filters at Big Box Store Prices Type your paragraph here.